SOLD OUT: The Kytherians

While Tarzan the sly taxi driver takes everyone for a ride and ‘Petros the Pig’ from Potamos eats a mountain, monks and shepherds take turns losing and finding icons on windy slopes and two old brothers try to get their mule over a cliff. Between wife-swapping and goat seduction, The Kytherians takes us through the eventful lives of islanders crazy and endearing enough to make you want to get there on the next leaky ferry.


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More than 20 touching stories covering many aspects of life on the wild island of Kythera, located between the southern Peloponnese and Crete. Soft-Cover, 189 pages.
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“Kythera is obviously a madhouse” Myconos Muse                       “Frivolous, impious and naughty!” Archbishop Micki 

“Zorba, eat your heart out” Cretan Chronical                                    “Touching and mad” Santorini Star    

J. de Bairacli Levy
J. de Bairacli Levy